About Us

At Turf & Dirt Sports Cards, being a traditional sports card shop is important. Thus, we carry all sports and some Star Wars, hobby boxes and packs, plus single cards and memorabilia. We buy, sell, trade and we also sell on consignment.
Turf & Dirt Sports Cards
Turf & Dirt Personal Rips 
You might have seen us on Instagram, Facebook, and/or Youtube doing personal product rips of hobby packs and personal hobby boxes. You can catch us on our social media 3-4 times a week with our pack menu. Please feel free to stop in our live and take a look. We are one of the very few on Instagram to offer the latest hobby products not only by the box but also by the pack. Here @Turf and Dirt we are a very pack heavy sports card shop. What does that mean? It means when we get a product in and there are multiple packs in it we will always open that box and pack it out. Below you will find some behind the scenes pictures of our pack menu sessions.
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