Turf and Dirt Sports Cards is opening our consignment program up to all! Below you will find the payout and the terms. If you would like to submit cards for consignment, please complete the google form and then mail your cards to Turf and Dirt Sports Cards. If you have any questions please email

Turf & Dirt Sports Cards is allowing me to consign my sports/non-sports card(s), that are in non disclosable condition (cards in good condition).
Turf & Dirt Sports Cards will not be held liable for the sale of the card or any damage or issues resulting from the shipping process. Cards will be shipped to the highest standards, team bagged, bubble wrapped, mailed in the correct size bubble mailer.

*Turf and Dirt will pay out the correct percentage based on the amount that card sells for minus the Final Value (Final Value fee for website sales will be 3% +.30 cents | eBay Final Value Fees will calculated based on eBay)
*If any listing is cancelled at any time before the 30 Day Consignment Period or Auction is completed, Turf & Dirt will charge a $5 fee for the cancellation.
*You will have the right after 30 days to request the return of the any unsold cards (shipping is paid by consignee). The cards will stay active until you request them to end and be returned.
*Cards will be posted within 5 days of receiving the shipment
*Payouts will be made every Monday for the cards that have sold for the previous week.
*If a return or a cancelled item occurs Turf and Dirt will reach out to the consignee to collaborate on the best way to move forward.

*If you are found to be bidding on your own card (shill bidding) you will never be allowed to conduct business with Turf & Dirt again and you will forfeit any payouts due to you at the time of the shill bidding. Turf and Dirt reserves the right to cancel any transaction or business relationship at anytime.

Please complete this form first (if you need to complete multiple forms for a consignment order, feel free, and then ship all cards to Turf and Dirt Sports Cards 702 Kentucky Street, Bellingham WA 98225.