Turf and Dirt Sports Cards is offering grading service through PSA

Turf and Dirt is offering grading services with PSA. We are offering the Economy Level grading services at this time, you can always inquiry about other levels of service. At this time we have suspended bulk grading due to the delay from PSA. 

Economy Level 

  • 40-45 day turnaround time once the cards are scanned into their system and the grading process has started
  • DV up to $499 per card 
    • DV stands for Declared Value. We use raw comps to figure out DV. This is also the amount we assign to the card for shipping insurance. If your card is deemed above the DV you noted PSA reserves the right to upcharge on that card.  
  • $25 per card
  • Rolling Submission

Here is the process that occurs to submit cards through Turf and Dirt: 

1. Prep your order to submit to Turf and Dirt

  • Print off the submission form  
  • Packing Tips: 
    • Place all cards in card savers.  If they are in top loaders they will cost $1 per card for us to move to card savers.  If they are in mags they will cost $1 for us to move to card savers except if they are factory sealed you can leave them in with a post it note saying "ok to open" on it.
    • Put cards in the same exact order as your list.  Top card is card #1 and the last cards is the bottom.
    • Put your cards in graded card bag/team bag
    • Put your name, bag number and level on each bag. Example - TurfandDirt Economy, Bag 1 of 1
    • Tracking is not required but is strongly recommended to confirm your shipment.

2. Contact Turf and Dirt to inform us of the submission and to get the shipping address

3. Once submission is received by Turf and Dirt, you will be contacted for payment

4. We process your submission with the next submission going out and submit your cards appropriately.

5. PSA ships the cards back to us and we receive them in about 4 business days.

6. Once we get the submissions back we will unbox and reveal on Instagram. 

7. We will package, calculate return shipping and contact you for payment. Once return shipping is paid your cards will ship within 24 hours.