Personal Rips


You might have seen us on Instagram, Facebook, and/or YouTube doing personal product rips of hobby packs and personal hobby boxes. You can catch us on our social media 3-4 times a week with our pack menu. Please feel free to stop in our live and take a look. We are one of the very few on Instagram to offer the latest hobby products not only by the box but also by the pack. Here at Turf and Dirt we are a very pack heavy sports card shop. What does that mean? It means when we get a product in and there are multiple packs in it we will always open that box and pack it out. 


To view our current products in stock and the pricing for personal rips scan or hold the QR code below. It will open up as a PDF document, click view all to view pricing by sports. 



During rip sessions you can request to be put in line. Once you are up, you can pay for your pack(s)/box(es) via Papal or Venmo and then you get to select the pack(s)/box(es) we are ripping live for you. Sit back and enjoy! When you are up the floor is yours, you can keep ripping as long as you would like. It could be 5 minutes or 30 minutes, you may continue to purchase pack(s)/box(es) as long as you would like to rip. 

A few things to help the process go smoothly and be efficient:

  • Please do not jump the line and send over early. The products you want to rip may not be available when it is your turn. 
  • When you are up, if you are not in the live we will send the video over or DM you. We will wait one minute for you to join, if you are not able to join we will move on to the next person in line. If you rejoin the live you can request to be added back in line.


If our rip sessions do not match your schedule, you can schedule a 30-minute block of time to rip with Turf and Dirt. Just DM via Instagram or email us to schedule your personal rip session. Please remember Turf and Dirt is located within PST Time Zone.


If you qualify, Turf and Dirt offers a program where you can prepay for you rips for the week. Turf and Dirt will keep a detail record of your balance and rip sessions. Turf and Dirt will never run a negative balance. When your amount is $10, Turf and Dirt will notify you. Before our rip sessions, you will receive a message with your remaining balance in case you are interested in ripping. You can cancel our tab at any time and the balance will be refunded to you within one business day. To qualify for this program, you must have ripped with Turf and Dirt in the last 30 days, and have participated in at least 4 rip sessions during that time with multiple transactions, and be in good standings with Turf and Dirt. If you meet the requirements and would like to apply, please submit the request form

THE MOST ASKED QUESTION.... "what hits remain?" 

Turf and Dirt is not always able to answer that question, as being a fully functional sports card shop, packs do leave the shop on a regular basis unopened. If Turf and Dirt knows 100% what is in the box we will answer the question. If, however, we do not know, we will tell you that we are unsure of what remains as packs left the shop. Also understand that boxes do say "X" amount of hits on average, meaning that some boxes could get shorted a hit by the manufacturer. If a box is shorted a hit, Turf and Dirt will reach out to the manufacturer to submit a missing hit form, on your behalf. We will do what we can to recoup a hit for you. 


Turf and Dirt will ship your cards within the US, its territories and APO for FREE! Turf and Dirt ships weekly, every Tuesday the packages are picked up. If you want you rips shipped out the next day you can request that and will need to pay the shipping. Turf and Dirt does ship internationally, we just ask the customers to pay the shipping. Turf and Dirt charges exact shipping. If you are from Canada and would like us to hold your rips until you can drive down to pick up or have a larger box to ship, just let us know. If you are local to Turf and Dirt, please pick up your rips either in store or curbside pickup. If you would like to add signature confirmation or insurance, please inquiry about the cost and pay for the extra service by the end of business on Sunday for the shipment going out Tuesday morning. 

Once Turf and Dirt hands over your package to the shipper and it is scanned into their system and movement has occurred, Turf and Dirt is no longer responsible for that package and the condition it arrives. If you received a damaged package it is your responsibility to file a claim with the shipper. If you need any extra information from Turf and Dirt please contact us. Please monitor your tracking, the tracking number will be sent to your email (check your spam folder) and the tracking is also uploaded to PayPal. The tracking we can see on our end is usually the same you see on your end. International shipping can expect shipping delays due to the Global Shipping Services. Some Canadian customers have waited a month for a package due to the delay at the postal processing facility in California.  


At Turf and Dirt, if you ask for a refund based on what was pulled during our rip session not only will a refund not be issued but you will be blocked from purchasing with Turf and Dirt. The only time, refunds will be given is if a mistake was made on our end or if you jump the line and prepay prior to ripping. 

If you have questions regarding Personal Rips - please reach out to Turf and Dirt